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Ninghai County Runyin Water Saving Sprinkling Irrigation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of China irrigation and drainage development center. It specializes in R & D, design, manufacture, installation, training and service of professional irrigation equipment.

One: agricultural irrigation solution: for crop water-saving irrigation, water irrigation, drought resistant equipment. The main products include: center pivot sprinkler, sprinkler, spray tank winch, dropper car, irrigation valve, laminated filter, sand filter, centrifugal filter, automatic backwash filter, micro irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler, large rocker agricultural spray gun, automatic control system and accessories etc..
Two: garden irrigation solutions - for residential and commercial areas, parks, municipal, highways and railways, sports fields, commercial centers, schools. The main products include: scattering nozzle, rocker nozzle, buried rotary nozzle, valve, controller, valve box and quick water intake valve. Hinged and so on accessories. ...

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