Respect talents, cultivate talents, have both ability and integrity, and make full use of talents.

Employees are the creators of the company and shareholder value, and constitute an important component of the company's core
competitiveness. Attaches great importance to the growth of employees, and believes that the growth of employees and the growth of the
company are mutually reinforcing and mutually reinforcing.
We appreciate people who are practical and willing to work, and appreciate people who are more innovative. We hope that our staff will
recognize our culture from heart, love our work, invest in passion and create brilliance continuously.
We offer you not only a job, but a career, a stage that enables you to give full play to your talents, talents and creativity. I
believe that tomorrow is in your hands, work hard!

Talent cultivation idea

Be a promoter of employee growth and a promoter of enterprise development.
To be a shaper of excellent talents, to provide sufficient and competent talents for the sustainable development of enterprises.
Establish a systematic human resource management system based on talent growth and performance oriented.

Foreign trade clerk (2018)

Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above: no job location: Hangzhou.

1. Bachelor degree or above, less than one year in 2018.
2, excellent English, good reading, reading and writing;
3. Good communication skills, patient and meticulous.
4. Preference for sales work, hardworking and able to adapt to bu