"Green irrigation" adds "green insurance" to agricultural products.
Date:2018/7/10 16:47:53
In the one mu field orchard in Lijia Town, the staff are regulating the water and fertilizer integrated irrigation system. By recycling the feces of livestock and poultry in 15 kilometers around the surrounding area, the system is used for anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas and biogas slurry, and to deliver the organic manure to every fruit tree.

With the addition of "green insurance" to the quality of agricultural products, the less than 250 Mu orchards make the ecological articles sound and vivid. Farmers have dug a net pond around fruit field, and purify irrigation wastewater by planting water Zizania, calamus and other aquatic plants. At the same time, the agricultural waste, such as fruit tree branches, is crushed and rotted, and returning to the field. Last year, the average yield of Mu reached nearly 18 thousand yuan.

In recent years, the agricultural sector in our city has vigorously promoted the clean production of the planting industry, the utilization of agricultural waste resources and the demonstration and establishment of the ecological recycling agriculture. The agricultural green development level has been promoted continuously, the scale utilization of crop straw and the comprehensive utilization rate of the feces of livestock and poultry farms are over 95%.